Group Purchasing Alliance (GPA) is one of the largest groups of Independently owned foodservice distribution centers in the United States

GPA consists of 175+ independently owned foodservice distribution centers throughout the US as well as Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Grand Cayman and Virgin Islands.


Distributor Benefits

  • New Procurement¬†Opportunities
  • Expanded Supplier Programs
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Expansion of Group Branding Opportunities

Supplier Benefits

  • Expanded Distribution Network
  • Centralized Program Management
  • Efficient Marketing Options
  • Extended Supplier Opportunities


GPA is dedicated to providing greater value to its member distributors, as well as significant opportunities to suppliers by means of creating demand for supplier products through distribution to the operator.


Distributors and suppliers are considered equally important to success within the foodservice industry, and the best way to create long term growth is to build lasting relationships with our various partners. All of our activities, initiative, and programs are dedicated to the mutual success of our supplier and distributor members.

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